Offer your GPO Members more than ever before with Buyers Edge Platform’s Extendable Contracts and Technology Services.



The Buyers Edge Platform empowers GPOs and Procurement companies to save their members more money and time with our best-in-class contracts and game-changing technology.


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Standard GPO Services Include:

  • Dedicated Client Manager - daily problem solving, software + technology training, setup of key reports and alerts

  • Exclusion and Inclusion Management - prevent contract overlaps and double-dips

  • Administration of Direct Contracts - to make sure your contract utilization is accurate and up-to-date

  • Data Cleansing and Normalization - maximize your revenue by ensuring that all data is clean and matched to standard item identifiers

  • Contract Price Release - communicate and implement pricing updates on a monthly basis to your distributor partners

  • Deviated Price Audits - ensure that the correct contracts and prices are loaded and charged on every invoice that your members pay

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Additional GPO Services

  • Full Price Verification

  • Inside Sales Calling

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Compliance Campaigns

  • Consulting

  • Field Rep Training

  • Beyond Prime Programs

  • Data Monetization

  • Rebate Check Distribution

  • Rebate Check Custom Backups

  • Produce Management

  • Business Intelligence Consultation

  • Enterprise Members: Price Auditing, Contract Management, Commodity Price Alerts, Business Intelligence

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Member Compliance Standards

Our GPO members understand that it takes manufacturer compliance and case/volume growth to make our manufacturer partnerships successful. Buyer Edge Platform GPO Members dedicate resources to driving new business to our contracted manufacturers. We offer you all of the tools, technology and even marketing and sales resources and ideas that you need to drive compliance to our programs -- all our partners need to do is execute against these programs as part of their member processes. Of course, we and our manufacturers understand that not every product will fit with every client, however our most successful partnerships come from keeping a high degree of focus on driving compliance to our collective contracted manufacturer partners. It's all part of the Win/Win/Win nature of our partnership that enables GPOs, Operators and Manufacturers to all increase profits and drive success.