The Buyers Edge Platform creates value by aligning a network of specialized foodservice GPOs, best-in-class manufacturers, service providers and operators.

Companies that participate in the Buyers Edge Platform benefit from the platform's volume, data technology, shared service departments, and access to our client base. Members can access Buyers Edge Platform’s software to clean and normalize purchasing data, process rebates, audit contracts, and perform other data functions. Furthermore, GPOs have the opportunity to leverage Buyers Edge Platform’s sales, marketing, and technology services to improve their business’s efficiency and value proposition. Our member companies collaborate, share data and make referrals in order to provide the best possible services to their stakeholders and partners.



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about buyers edge purchasing

Buyers Edge Purchasing uses their software to track and uncover price discrepancies for their procurement customers. The Buyers Edge software has a suite of reporting and analytic tools that use data to show purchasing trends, market intelligence, monitor over charges and benchmark purchasing against commodities. Their goal is to use this data to help casino and university procurement teams gain the best quality goods at the best price. 

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about consolidated concepts

Consolidated Concepts brings buying power, category specialists and broadline/negotiation expertise to multi-unit restaurants. Utilize their contracts, partners, experts and technology to reduce costs, improve quality, streamline the supply chain and gain valuable insights. Consolidated Concepts provides a comprehensive suite of services that enables multi-unit restaurants to take advantage of cost savings opportunities. Their services are designed to identify areas where emerging, growing, and established restaurants may have opportunities to achieve savings via supply chain management, distribution agreements, managed produce and contracts. Their experts and partners assist at any stage of clients' projects from discovery and negotiation to implementation and assessment.

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about dining alliance

Dining Alliance exists to help independent restaurant operators succeed. They are the nation’s largest group purchasing organization for independent restaurant operators. Their programs are designed to deliver savings, quality and simplicity to the complex world of restaurant purchasing.

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about RPP 

RPP is a full service procurement specialist that works directly with an operator's purchasing director to manage the entire procurement process. RPP works with multi-unit restaurant chains and other high volume food & beverage companies throughout the United States & Canada specializing in Food, Paper, Plastic, and Chemicals.

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about foodbam

FoodBAM is a foodservice app designed to allow chef’s to order inventory, monitor their walk in, compare prices, analyze purchasing, track and receive orders and so much more. 

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about atlas purchasing

Atlas Purchasing is a group purchasing organization focused on driving Greek restaurants to succeed.

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about source1 purchasing

Source1 Purchasing is a company of purchasing specialists who provide the hospitality industry with everything from procurement consulting and strategic sourcing to supplier evaluation and supplier relationship management.

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about Fresh concepts

Fresh Concepts is the most comprehensive produce management program in the industry. They provide food safety programs, high-quality grower shipper contracts, IT services with interactive dashboards and online ordering and custom programs to fit any needs.

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about axis purchasing

Axis Purchasing is a group purchasing organization that assists multi-unit restaurants, lodging, schools, and contract foodservice operators. Axis Purchasing utilizes a flexible and phased approach to save on the cost of food, supplies and services.

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about sundell

Sundell Associates is a company of supply chain management experts dedicated to creating the best distribution deals possible for multi-unit restaurant services.

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about techstart

Techstart is an on-demand talent firm, that pre-qualifies and presents several software developer candidates, primarily from Lima, Peru, to employers in the U.S. who are searching for a highly-skilled development resources.

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about pac purchasing alliance

Pac Purchasing Alliance is a group purchasing organization designed, developed and managed by and for the post-acute care community. Their full service program offers contracts, programs and services that operators want, when they need them.

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About Alliance Purchasing

Alliance Purchasing is a key player in the Canadian GPO market. Alliance now counts several hundred of the most prestigious hospitality operations in Canada as part of its membership.

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Becoming a member of the Buyers Edge Platform starts with working with our executives to determine how the platform's technology and data resources integrate with your company's technology and service offerings. Discover how the Buyers Edge Platform's $8.5 Billion in volume data and 350-plus contracts can support the mission of your organization.