Buyers Edge Platform is the most robust, flexible and tech-enabled Source GPO in the food service industry.

The Buyers Edge Platform grants unparalleled access to technology and analytics with the goal of delivering value to all segments and stakeholders. Our clients, manufacturer partners, distribution partners, channel partners and affiliated companies leverage our technology to gain insights, grow business, increase market penetrations and communicate value throughout the food service supply chain.


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buyers edge software

At the core of the Buyers Edge Platform is our Buyers Edge software offering. This robust, custom-built software tool performs essential functions of monitoring purchase prices, tracking contract statuses, normalizing line-item product data, initiation billing processes, charging and paying manufacturer rebates and producing purchasing trend reports, food service benchmark reports, commodity price reports, price discrepancy reports and other vital supply chain data functions. Our entire business, and the operations departments of all of our platform members, runs on this comprehensive GPO software. Our team of in-house and contract software developers works to constantly improve and enhance the power of this software. The Buyers Edge Platform passes the software’s power on to our stakeholders and partners.

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fuzzy logic matching

• Our proprietary matching software analyzes dozens of data points on every line item in our contract portfolio to perform two key important functions: normalization and recommendation.

• Data must be clean and organized in order to unlock its potential for drawing insights and conclusions. The food service industry has one of the most disorganized data environments of any business sector; Our matching technology brings together disparate distributor numbers, manufacturers’ numbers, pack sizes, unit metrics, and product descriptions to normalize product information across all clients partners, stakeholders and locations.

• Once food service data has been cleaned and normalized, it can be put to use in our fuzzy logic recommendation engine. Built by a dedicated team of in-house developers over the course of more than 8 years, this tool is designed to identify matches and recommendations to any line item in a purchasing record. Our manufacturer compliance teams put this tool to use in compliance optimizations, which present operators with opportunities to save money or improve quality by switching to our preferred manufacturer partners. Our accounts teams utilize the tool to help operators uncover new products for menu development and SKU rationalization. Even our distributor partners use our fuzzy logic tool to run comparisons on new customers with the aim of winning new business.



FoodBAM is Buyers Edge Platform's all-in-one back of house solution that makes it easy for operators to place orders, take inventory and conduct recipe costing through one interface. FoodBAM saves users 5-6 hours per weeks, helps drive corporate compliance and offers thousands of cost-savings opportunities. Users can see live contracted pricing in-app, track rebates on purchases, view real-time reporting on inventory management, control food costs, automate ordering functions, set custom departmental approvals and monitor key metrics across their business from any cloud-connected devices. Learn More

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